Very Troubling; WCVB Fake News On Racist Boston Police.


 Boston Police Department is racist!  Bazinga!  WCVB is on the story, always shouting racism, never doing their homework.

The Boston Police Department Logo .

The Boston Police are racist. Channel 5 wants to make sure more officers are targeted for murder. There’s always one of these stories, yet there are several others that are never told and, because they want the majority “white” audience to feel like they are racist.  Do you personally feel racist?  Are you responsible for slavery? Crime? Who hires who?  The law?  Well!  I think it’s out of most of our hands.  The ones pointing the finger are the real problem, aren’t they?  No, because they have an abundant staff of black people?  Well, you’ve been tricked, over and over.  You’ve been played, sukkah.  You a fool-yes, you are, if you believe what they’re telling you, and good people, innocent people, are getting hurt and becoming victims.  It’s nice to be young and idealistic.  Let’s just make sure the cause is right-the cause is just.   But, I’m a conspiracy nut, so what do I know?  Well, I can show the proof over and over.  It just seems the other side doesn’t even need it.  They get to toss it out on accusations alone.  Why would they do that?  Isn’t the press and the public trust for ‘innocent until proven guilty?’  They used to be.  They used to tell two sides.  That was before they became big conglomerates.  So, you’re getting your news from elitists, (and they pay those monkeys on the screen big bucks to tell those lies, don’t they Maria?), and you trust it?  I remember seeing black BPD officers in the 60’s.  They were welcomed by the public.  They were trusted. They were respected. So, what’s going on?  Why the lies? Your inaction is costing you and it is costing you big time.  I think you had better wake up.  Now, let’s get to the bogus stories:


It’s “very disturbing,” they say again and again.  It’s racial profiling they say, again and again.  What is very disturbing to me is that they are making claims and not doing their homework.  This isn’t a one-off kind of thing.  They do it repeatedly, every time they can.  They repeat every day, all day, for weeks.  They want to make sure you know that YOU ARE RACIST.  Now, there’s enough news out there, God knows, you don’t have to repeat, repeat, repeat.  But, the bigger these media empires get, (and they have gotten quite big), they have an agenda.  But, why?  Why are they pushing these sorts of things?  Isn’t it quite obvious that they are not stopping racism, they are creating it?  Creating it!   And the ACLU loves it, and the NAACP loves it.  There’s bound to be some money coming into their coffers now, isn’t there?  You see, they have nice buildings and offices in every major city, and how do you think they maintain them?   What is also disturbing is the FBI now has a system for accounting for hate crimes and crimes by race.  Basically, what it does, it re-defines crimes so some lame ones are more important than serious ones and vice versa.  It’s a system of control.   I said, it’s a system of control.   I said, it’s a system of control.  You getting it autotrons?  I said, it’s a system of control.  It’s, (how do I put it?), a system of creating factual liesIs that sinister?  Should any lefty want that?  Because, I’ll tell you where it stops; it is effectively, a manufactured propaganda system.  We used to feel sorry for the Russian people because of that.   I know, I’m a conspiracy nut.  But, tell me, why do those huge banking empires have a meeting with politicians from all over the globe every year?  Is that for their health?  Then, there are the others they have with wealthy corporate interests, every year, (ALEC and the Kochs).  They are on our dime, why are we allowing it?  They don’t care!  What gives them the power to do it?  You don’t seem to care either!   They have a plan, idiots.  They are conspiring, idiots, you don’t have to reach here, do you?  “Gee, two or more people get together and concoct a plan, doesn’t happen.  You’re a conspiracy nut.”–George Carlin.  I would say wake up.  They lie.  Their lies are having consequences.  There are no conspiracies, just truths you don’t know yet because they are disguised by lies.  It’s either that or it’s a sin of omission. I love the media, for that, because they prove what I say over and over.  Nice!  Let us get to those all-important bought-and-paid-for statistics, they may tell the truth, but, the truth just doesn’t get told about them.


Well, the above mentioned news station likes to start off with “Very disturbing?”  They should have analyzed the analysis, that’s what a good reporter would do.  The initial part of it tells how they came up with subjects and time frame, (10 years ago.).  Twenty-six percent never filled out reports so they excluded them and that is all we know about them, and certainly not their race.  It is the strangest piece of analysis I ever saw because it looks intentionally quizzical.  It makes a strong statement. Then, they step it back.  Step it back.  There several places the report turns itself into a sham, no good.



Does WCVB like the race issue?


Over and over and over, they have stories about race but never deliver the proof, never tell both sides, and more importantly, never tell the outcome when the outcome isn’t to their liking,  (the more than not hoaxes), and never reveal the race of the perps unless it’s obvious or they are white.  Does that sound racist?  I’m just asking because I would bet my bottom dollar it is.  You can’t beat racism with more racism.  But, organizations like the Black Congressional Congress, the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, National Association of Black Journalists, (on and on), think that you can.  Haven’t seen it.  Haven’t seen it once in my lifetime.  You?  So, it’s only natural to believe something is up with this, but if you say so, you must be a racist.  It’s a real bad circle jerk.

What is racist and offensive is relative, unless you care to make an issue of it.  Then I can show you Black Lives Matter, several on-line blogs, cited by the MSM over and over, and several other “black,” no other, just “black” organizations making several and doing several offensive acts of racism towards white people.  But, it makes no sense.  It is as if only “white people” are racist, and it’s mostly against “black people.”  Yes, let us reason:  If we’re so racist, why are we just seeing all these stories now?  Why can’t we go back 10 or 20 or 30 years and see the same re-occurring stories?  If Flint, Michigan is only half-black, isn’t racist towards the non-black citizens to say bad water is systemic racism against black people?

How much does it pay, WCVB?   I’ll say something racist, but, I mean, I need real good money.

Perhaps this is a legitimate story.  I just doubt it because we only got one side of it and all the last ones “hoaxes.”

Sins of omission:  This was a rap song being sung by two students, who were accused of racism because the song had the ‘n’ word in it by two black students.  Get me in the news, mommy, get me in the news.  Who made the song commercial and put it out for sale?  Are they racist too?  I’m not getting this.

The accusations about phone calls was ‘a’ phone call.  Naturally, the other side of the story is blatantly missing, and it appears to be another scapegoat being flayed for the agenda.

Where is WCVB when the Black Congressional Congress is calling republicans ‘Pink Elephant?’  The one-way, half a news story falls so far short of journalistic integrity, it stinks to high heaven.  But!  If you don’t mind lying to millions of people, get right in front of that camera!

Now, I could have gone to CBS, (also bogus), or NBC, (incredibly bogus), but then, I wouldn’t be doing my research.  Did you ever hear that word over at your station, Ed, Maria, whoever?  Research?   Really?


But, let’s get to that disturbing report:


  • The analysis begins by telling us how they came to use the numbers and how the analysts used it to arrive at their conclusion(s).  Out of the starting gate, they seem to suggest they’ve got some good evidence.  Later, they don’t really seem to suggest it at all.
  • Reported in late 2017, the data is already 7+ years old, claiming that there is no good data since.
  • Still not having enough data for an annual view, they use 3 years of data (?)(p.2)
  • The data they used was based on FIO, (frisk and investigate).  75% of the reports had no data whatsoever, so they didn’t use them.  75%! (p.3)
  • 26% of the FIO officers filled out no report. (p. 3)
  • Roughly 4% of the officers doing FIO work rendered nearly half the reports! (p. 3)
  • The vast bulk of reports were filed by white officers (ii).
  • The report uses hypotheticals as to the nature of Boston neighborhoods and crime. (p.27)
  • Nearly half of the reports, (43.8%), were filed on known gang members and felons by a relative few officers, (4%).
  • The analysts state they have to take a disparate approach to the data by using some far-out “probability models.” (pp. 8-19)
  • The analysts focus on some statistics that really don’t prove to be helpful one way or the other by identifying officers’ age, rank, and employment status, detective or not, street beat or gang squad.  The use of these probabilities do not seem clear at all.
  • The report cites very little or no reports filed by black officers (?). (p.16)
  • One gang member could represent up to 249 investigations! (p.5)
  • White officers range very close to 3X the number of black officers yet the analysis does a very poor job of pointing that out, and do not account for it in the numbers at all. (p.6).


  • White officers performed drastically more FIOs than other minority officers.  They also searched more white suspects than minority officers.  135% more, really blowing away the question of bias (p.21)


And, finally, the last paragraph of the report says it all:


“Unfortunately, the research cannot determine whether the identified patterns were generated by bias or other processes of racial discrimination in BPD FIO practices.  The data do not unravel the individual decision-making process of BPD officers who are engaged in FIO encounters, we can only observe differences that require more extensive and different types of study.  Further research is necessary to understand the factors and processes that influence the observed disparities.”


Observed disparities? Really? The data is bogus and the roundabout analysis of the Rutgers geniuses tell us a whole lot of nothing. I could keep on adding to this, I think the disparity itself comes from the black officers, not the white officers, since we know already know that black juries will not convict black defendants. Is that an inconvenient truth? For WCVB it is.
A hundred-to-one , I could come up with data such as this to the reverse.
Well, Maria, NAACP and ACLU, one thinks you need to restate your assertions.  But, knowing how corrupt the system is, who can tell how many unfair practices have been put in place because of bogus data?

 But, since ‘let me make this clear,’ (another well-used phrase this year), with the current climate, if you aren’t telling the truth about racism, you are adding to it.  You are the problem.  You are the racist.










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