Hacker Watch: A Breach of Security

They are so fake, still so fake.

December 8, 2017

LTFRB slams TV host for spreading 'fake news'

Seares: 'Fake news': undefined in law, bastardized by people like Trump | SunStar

The Fake News Debate is a Distraction, Says Information Era Intellectual Yochai Benkler

Report: 'Fake News' Phrase Being Used Around the World to Quell Dissent

12/08 7a – Headlines, Fake News, Ryan Lilja, Chiefs Kryptonite

Jerusalem has been the home of the Jews for 3000 years to deny it is Israel's capital is Fake History

Authoritarian world leaders are adopting Trump's use of 'fake news': report

The Rise Of 'Fake News' And How Advertisers Can Help

Palestinian National Authority Recognizing Texas As Part Of Mexico Is Fake News

Fake news on Facebook fans the flames of hate against the Rohingya in Myanmar

Aspiring journalists at conservative Liberty University see themselves as the antidote to 'fake news'

Fake news on Facebook fans the flames of hate against the Rohingya in Burma

"Fake news" about legalized pot in Wisconsin

Trump's 'fake news' mantra a hit with despots

Friday, December 1, 2017

Nelo Blends Bullet Hell, Run N' Gun, Hack N' Slash In One High-Speed Package

Canadian Charged in 2014 Yahoo Hack to Plead Guilty in US

Travel experts give useful life-hack to help get your luggage at baggage claim first

BBC presenter Stephen Nolan has his credit card hacked live on TV

Bangladesh police arrest suspect in hacking murder of US blogger

ACTSCENE: Man who hacked and leaked 'Game of Thrones' is charged in US court

You've been hacked, episode #57 thanks Uber

Uber joins list of big hack attacks | Turkeys and Trophies

Security News This Week: Android Tracks Your Location Even When You Ask It Not To

Imgur Confirms 2014 Hack: Email Addresses And Passwords Stolen From 1.7 Million Accounts

Uber Revealed Massive Hack To SoftBank First Before Going Public, Because $10 Billion

European Union Privacy Regulators may conduct a Joint Investigation into Uber Hack

High-speed quantum encryption developed to make web 'hack-proof': Study

CoinPouch hack: Over $655000 worth of Verge cryptocurrency was stolen by hackers

A Canadian citizen accused of helping Russian spies hack into Yahoo accounts will plead guilty

Barefoot Investor: What you need to know about the Uber hack

Lawsuits target Uber after cover up of massive data breach unveiled

Uber hit with serious fallout from massive hack, alleged cover-up

Neverending Saga, November 24, 2017

BBC presenter on 400k a year reveals credit card hack on LIVE television

The 11 Biggest Cryptocurrency Hacks In History

Genius hack highlights the 3 kids' toy that can remove crumbs from your car seats in SECONDS

400k-a-year BBC presenter reveals credit card hack live on air as criminals blow thousands in …

All Uber customers and drivers in Britain advised to change their passwords IMMEDIATELY …

New Uber boss 'knew about hack for months'

SoftBank Knew About Uber's 2016 Hack Before The Public Did

This credit card hack can get you 20000 air miles and two lounge passes and it's completely free

Uber data hack could be investigated by EU privacy regulators

Uber Faces Multiple Probes on Data Hack it Disclosed to Investors Before Public

Brothers & Blokes: The men behind One Nation's domestic violence policy

Uber's colossal hack, Seedcamp's 41m raise, the Budget and more in the Week in Tech

EU Member States Investigating Uber Over 2016 Hack: Report

Stress: The Silent Killer Of Dreams and A Scientifically Backed Way To Rewire Your Brain for …

Uber was hacked, so change your password right now. Here's what else you need to know

Uber informed SoftBank about data hack before telling public

How to divide slaughtered pig leads father to hack, injure son

Hacked !! November 17, 2017

Amazon Echo, Google Home Hack: Devices At Risk For Blueborne Attack

Cybersecurity Researchers Find Amazon Key Hack

Cybersecurity Researchers Find Amazon Key Hack

You should still use the iPhone X's Face ID even though hackers say they beat it

How Jared Kushner's Newspaper Became a Favorite Outlet for WikiLeaks Election Hacks

A Boeing 757 was hacked and now DHS is worried more planes could be at risk

20 Simple Ways to Hack Your Happiness, According to Science

Watch This Cyber Security Company Hack Amazon Key With Ease

This Beauty Vlogger's Trick for Hiding Zits Is Honestly Freaking Genius

5 Ways Marketers Can Effectively Hack Instagram

AirPods Hack; How to improve the sound quality

An excellent free beauty product you'll find in your office bathroom

BT scam warning: Burton Albion photographer's quick thinking halted computer hack

Researchers find "simple" way to hack Amazon Key

Ghana Post MD debunks allegation of system hack

This Apple AirPods hack will make your life easy

November 10,2017

Stay up! Your sanity may depend on it.

Face ID fooled by olives and paper eyes says firm behind 'ultra-secure' startup alternative

How to hack a music venue for disabled audiences

Scientists Discover Simple Wi-Fi Hack for 30

Gigi Hadid Admits To Loving This Very 2005 Nude Lipstick Hack

The Pentagon Opened Up to HackersAnd Fixed Thousands of Bugs

ISIS hacks Swedish radio station and broadcasts recruitment song on repeat for 30 MINUTES

Playpen: FBI repeatedly hacked computers in Russia, China and Iran raising 'hack-back' concerns

Hackers Say Plastic Surgeon to the Stars Hacked Back at Them

Donna Brazile, in SF talk, hits at Clinton's loss and Russian hack

'AOL v. Zeran': The Cyberlibertarian Hack of 230 Has Run Its Course

'Go Fraud Me': The woman who hunts down fake GoFundMe campaigns

Why you received so many gambling texts on Melbourne Cup Day

Sinn Fin can not simply hack a united Ireland out of strife

The Ludicrously Simple Hack That Helped Me Finally Break My Facebook Addiction

Equifax data breach hacks away at credit-monitoring firm's third-quarter profit

Equifax data breach hacks away at credit-monitoring firm's third-quarter profit

November 5, 2017

Smart India Hackathon 2018: Can you hack these problems India faces? Take the challenge now

Are these the handiest food hacks ever? People share their simple but ingenious culinary tricks to …

Hacks review: Donna Brazile lifts lid on Hillary and the Democrats' disaster

Sophomore takes the reins to balance class, horse shows

.Hack//GU RPG Trilogy Remaster Now Available On Steam

Gold Coast campaign in the gutter as opponents hack down signs of candidates

Girls Cross Country: Liberty's Sprankle settles for fourth at state

Tom Brady's Absurd Anti-Sunburn Hack Confirms His TB12 Method Is the New Goop

AU researcher seeks to make medical devices safer from possible hacking

RIT students participate in cyber hacking competition | WHEC.com

Hackers leak WhatsApp chat and private photos of WWE Diva Paige

Mount Gilead girls earn state trophy, want more in years to come

Kmart race day hack becomes internet sensation

Crunchyroll website hack tried to infect visitors with malware

October 28, 2017

ETFMG Sued by Nasdaq for cutting HACK etf fee to benefit shareholders and dumping Nasdaq …

I Finally Found an Eyeliner Hack That Works for Me

Eternity Guardians is a deep yet casual mobile hack and slasher, out now

Coinbase Offers $50000 Hack the World Bug Bounty

Post hack, Equifax yet to release 3rd quarterly results report

Equifax and SEC Hack: Data Breaches Erode Trust Due to Slow Reactions, Delayed Announcements

Internet police train 'Scammer Nanas' to hack their grandkids

Deloitte hack demonstrates the need for security, productivity and innovation in today's cyber-threat …

North Korea behind WannaCry NHS hack attack, reveals UK security minister

BREAKING NEWS: North Korea was behind WannaCry ransomware cyber attack that disabled the …

Testicle 'surgeon' avoids jail for hotel hack job

British security minister says North Korea was behind WannaCry hack on NHS

'Basic IT security' could have prevented UK NHS WannaCry attack

Vikas Khanna's Tweet On Man's Marvelous Life Hack Is Winning The Internet

NHS told to act on cyber security or face 'worse' hack after Hertfordshire hospitals attacked

5 Steps To Hack Your Facebook Influencer Marketing Campaign

Mum's genius $3 Kmart travel hack goes viral

October 15, 2017

FBI Tracked 'Fake News' Believed To Be From Russia On Election Day

6-in-10 say mainstream media creates 'fake news,' MSNBC least trusted

This real photo of Trump is irresistible to fake news purveyors

How fake news could shape Kenya's elections

Watch Fake Obama Quote Authentic Trump On 'Real Time With Bill Maher'

AP – in essence, Fox is accused of creating fake news to…

MCMC to take soft and hard approach on purveyors of fake news

Fake news: Video of raid on Karnataka minister turns out to be an old one from Delhi

Fake Barack Obama Reads Real Donald Trump Quotes To Expose GOP Hypocrisy

Readers share their thoughts on what they consider 'fake news'

Breda O'Brien: Selective outrage is a form of fake news

How one mom got caught in a 'fake news' battle involving JK Rowling and Donald Trump

Wells Fargo May Have Found More Fake Accounts Created by Employees

To Marcelo Bechler and whom it may concern: I reported fake news, and I am sorry

Facebook Will Auto-Load Related Headlines to Debunk 'Fake News'

FBI tracked fake news social media accounts tied to Russia on Election Day

The FBI Monitored Social Media on Election Day Looking for 'Fake News'

Friday, September 8, 2017

Equifax Faces Multibillion-Dollar Lawsuit Over Hack

Consumers struggle to get answers from Equifax after massive hack

Equifax shares tumble after data hack announcement

Equifax hack: Briton's data watchdog investigates UK impact of major breach

Equifax hack: Huge scale of cyber attack means that many people will have had personal details …

Credit Reporting Agency Equifax Reveals Massive Hack

Consumers Struggle to Get Answers From Equifax After Massive Hack

Equifax hack: Britons among 143 million people to have their details compromised

Highly Sensitive Details of 143 Million Users Stolen in Equifax Hack

Equifax hack exposes personal details of 44 per cent of US citizens

'Gigantic' US credit agency hack puts 143 million people at risk of identity theft

How To Find Out If You've Been Hit By The Equifax Hack

Security firm Mandiant said to be helping Equifax in hack aftermath

Massive Equifax hack puts Bay Area residents at risk

Hack Brief: Patch Your Android Phone To Block An Evil 'Toast' Attack

Warnings massive Equifax data hack could be replicated in Australia

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