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Putin, Lenin, Stalin! Oh My!

The Quintessential Foreign Meddler

Ukraine Troops

US ambassador .. Can’t trust that Putin.

Netanyahu and Putin Speak Again.

Honeymoon Over For Putin & Trump?

Putinology considered harmful: the many legends we tell ourselves about Vladimir Putin

Friend or Foe? I don't know.

Putin Wants to Get Under the Wig of Sunkist Stalin After Realizing He Helped Elect the Political …


Updated, March 22,2017


Kremlin says French media report on Fillon's Putin introduction is 'fake news'

Kremlin Says French Media Report on Fillon's Putin Introduction Is 'Fake News'

Putin meeting c.bank head Nabiullina on Wednesday – Kremlin

Trump's former campaign chief drew up 2005 plan 'to benefit Putin'

Manafort's plan to 'greatly benefit the Putin Government'

Manafort's plan to 'greatly benefit the Putin Government'

Manafort's plan to 'greatly benefit the Putin Government'

Russia's Putin Meets Self-proclaimed President of Georgia's Breakaway Tskhinvali

GOP prefers defending Trump to ferreting out Putin

How annexing Crimea allowed Putin to claim he had made Russia great again

Putin critic Alexei Navalny had green paint thrown in his face, and it's really working for him

While Washington Investigates Russian Meddling, Moscow Is Expanding Its Global Influence

Fillon 'made 50000' from Putin link

Netanyahu to Putin: Israeli airstrikes in Syria will continue


Tillerson trip to Moscow appears to be stand-in for Trump-Putin meeting

How Russia is preparing for Putin's victory in the 2018 election


Putin the Popular: Among Republicans Putin’s Star is Rising


Steve Chapman – Trump’s strange coziness with Russia

Putin-Ally Kadyrov Curses Hero Worship of Stalin

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin: FBI Says ‘No’ to White House’s Request to Nail Stories Linking US …

About 4000 Russians Among Islamic Insurgents in Syria: Putin

The Kremlin and Russia’s regional governments are at odds. That’s a problem for Putin.

New Yorker magazine goes Russian with cover skewering Trump and Putin

Putin’s Rasputin, Alexander Dugin and his White House allies

Putin & Erdogan to meet in Moscow, visit planned for March 9-10 Kremlin

US warship plunges towards Russia as Putin fumes over NATO

Cover Story: Barry Blitt’s Eustace Vladimirovich Tilley

Ivanka Trump ‘partying with Vladimir Putin‘ pic sparks fury but all is not as it seems

Erdogan to visit Russia in March, meet Putin


9000 militants from ex-Soviet countries fight in Syria: Putin

A Pax Russica in the Middle East? Putin will have to do more to make it stick