Po Seeks Corrections of History…Enter Correct History Here

History In The Books Is The History of Crooks.

This ain't Po! This is Poe!

I recall a history teacher I had at Wesleyan. He was also a WWII Colonel who fought along with Patton. It’s amazing how emblazoned the fighting army must be. They live it, breathe it, and die for it. And, when it’s gone, some of them even miss it. I wouldn’t go trying to change the beliefs of these people. It’s who they are, they earned it and deserve its respect.

As Poe, I know the horrors of not getting something right…of putting too much stock in something or taking it for granted. The horror. The horror.

But, we must get history right. If we get it right, and we fight for it, a new day of sunshine will emerge. You were lied to about the past. Realize what’s happening today, which will also be re-written if we don’t get it right.

List your historical corrections and stand with conviction.

Start at the beginning. When did the world start?

When was the first major war fought for sovereignty?

Who were the bad people throughout history?

Who were we told was bad but was good?

Who were we told was good but was bad?

These are the stories that move minds, my friends. They are better than the ‘The Pit And The Pendulum.’ So much better, so riveting, and yet so..untouched.

Poe-over and out.


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