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Logic: Just a voice in the wilderness:

Voice in the wilderness.

A Black Immigrant Comes To America

What a mind-blower.  Here we have someone who says that other blacks tried to convince her over and over that white people are racist.  Then she witnessed a situation where she felt it was racist.  Now, she’s sorry to say that we white people are racist.  Did anyone notice that, even if there wasn’t racism, a group of people were trying to create it?  Did anyone notice that this librarian went straight up to the New York Times?    You can get somewhere fast in America, you just have to say the white people are racist.  Who’s doing this and why?

Here, a black republican would like to admonish President Trump for his inability to call out ONLY the white groups.  This republican says “shame” for calling out the leftist-group “Anti-fa”,(militant), and “Black Lives Matter”, (militant).  In fact, everyone in the media chimed in.  Who is doing this and why?

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Image result for black lives matter flyers

Does this look militant to you?  This is a group who rioted, assaulted police officers, destroyed public property, committed arson over and over, threw home-made bombs into crowds, threw rocks at police horses.  Do I need to go on?  Who got arrested in Charlottesville?   No one.  Yes, I do see injustice.  I do.  But, don’t raise your fist or you’ll get the above videos and audio played over and over, you racist white people.

Who’s doing this and why?  Five police officers got killed.  Obama came close to saying it was their own fault!  Yah, you can be patient.  And, while you do, they’ll get bolder and bolder.

But, let us talk civilly and plainly. Here’s a bit from an intelligent, honest fellow, Thomas Sowell. A tidbit from “Intellectuals & Race,” now on Audible.

Thomas Sowell’s Intellectuals and Race

Mark Twain

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