A Look At Natural Law In History, Religion And Politics

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A Government Based In Natural Law.

a principle or body of laws considered as derived from nature, right reason, or religion and as ethically binding in human society.

(from Dictionary.com).

As opposed to positive law?

customary law or law enacted by governmental authority (as distinguished from natural law).

Both are from Middle English but, Natural Law has been more persistent in modern times. Natural Law was oft brought into the debates to bring about a Constitution and Bill of Rights. Some members, though not religious, would concur as to the validity of its moral decision making and to its applications to society as a whole. The idea behind it is actually simple; one needn’t make laws about the way things occur naturally in their own state of existence. It is based in reason in that to go against these laws is to go against nature-to go against things as ordained by the Creator. Ever since the fall of the Roman Empire, there has been somewhat of a fight against it, in that Rome crossed paths with several cultures and created within it a variety of “mystery religions.” Natural Law, along with Christian philosophy, was the main school of thought at the time. Many blamed Christianity for the fall of Rome for a variety of reasons. My personal opinion is that Christianity derived from one people, or culture, and the conquest of other cultures crept into its validity rather than those cultures embracing Christianity, hence the mystery religions. One very important aspect of Natural Law, in and of itself, is the preservation of the race. It might also be a good argument against nation building, globalization and diversity. These things indicate more of an imposition rather a natural state of being. There are people that grow up in other cultures and become part of it; it is natural. But nothing in nature should be forced. Forcing things on people something that is foreign to them is sheer tyranny, not to mention a form of Genocide. People who want to go live in another culture can do so, and it did happen in a number cases-naturally. There is logic there. There is reason there. Cicero, a very learned man, schooled in the Greco-Roman philosophies and Christianity and Latin made the connections to the many similarities that should be applicable to a society. He was also a very skilled lawyer but considered himself more a philosophical political pioneer. And, indeed he was as his school of thinking eventually found its way into our own Constitution. Shortly after Julius Caesar met his demise, due to all his conquests and his unquenchable thirst for power, Cicero also met his demise. He helped champion the overthrow of Caesar but, became popular enough for Marc Antony to want his head. Power hates common sense. Power hates common sense today and power hated it yesterday. So, the thrust of Cicero’s work survived into an age of European enlightenment and found its way into our Constitution. Because we are seeking freedom, this is where we must turn. Several aspects of Natural Law have been defeated, not in physical violence, as in Roman times, but by stealth. Language can be a very dangerous thing, English, Mandarin, etc. whereas several of the same statements can mean different, or even opposite, things. It is an excellent way of confounding the thinking, especially in the age of mass media and the internet. For instance, if one is born with the gay gene, it is natural, and therefore must have protective rights. That may be but, was it always that way?,or did it evolve as a side-effect of many generations of practices that were not aligned with Natural Law? There is a scientific theory that if one gender’s genes are far more prevalent in a birth, then the offspring may tend towards homosexuality. How could this happen? I say by bending the rules for Natural Law. This wouldn’t be their fault, or anyone’s, and surely the person should be given a fair shot. But,it should not be accepted practice and put in our television shows as if it’s as natural as food on the table. For instance, the evolution of women into something other than caretakers? A woman may want to be a great and devoted doctor. But, should she also be a caretaker? Where two full-time endeavors are pursued, at least one will suffer. Laws of Nature; human beings are limited in capacity no matter what grand speeches are given. But, Natural Law also describes that which defies power. Natural Law defines the cohesion of the early Irish and Polish neighborhoods. It also defines African, Latin, Asian, Middle-Eastern and Jewish neighborhoods. This was a known fact. It was known by the Founders and, it is known to each one of us. We can feel it prompting confusion in our hearts while listening to an Obama speech on diversity. We can feel it whenever someone says we are all the same. The problem is; we know that, through the centuries, a great deal of our culture, and indeed our religions, are not the same. If we were all the same, then diversity would have happened a long time ago, Babylon would still be a happy family and several Europeans would be as adept at rhythm and ceremony as African cultures and we would see a great deal of them interspersed into the culture already. Why?? Because it would occur naturally. Do we need to push that which already occurs naturally? Can you redefine a culture within a generation or two? The answer to both is a resounding ‘NO.’ Consequently, I believe that it was indeed the mystery religions that helped Rome destroy itself, just as it is doing here today. This is easy to prove; All we need do is take a look at the aspects of Natural Law in politics. The following points made from the book by Skousen are:

1. The duty to honor the Creator. What is in accordance with nature and man himself should not be disturbed. It was here long before you and will be here long after.
2. The duty not to take a life except in defense.
3. The duty not to steal or destroy others property.
4. The duty to be honest in all transactions.
5. The duty of children to honor and obey their parents.
6. The duty of parents to provide for the nurturing of children.
7. The duty to support law and order in the defense of peace.
8. The duty not to contrive through a covetous heart to despoil another.
9. The duty to provide for those who cannot provide for themselves.
10. The duty to be temperate.
11. The duty to become economically sufficient.
12. The duty not to trespass or impede on the privacy of another.
13. The duty to maintain the integrity of the family structure.
14. The duty to perpetuate the race.
15. The duty not to promote or participate in activities which destroy the community.
16. The duty to perform civic duties and volunteer as part of the whole.
17. The duty not to aid and abet with those who commit criminal or anti-social activities.
18. The duty to perform all contracts and covenants with man and God.
19. The duty of perform in accordance with personal and public standards of decency.
20. The duty to follow the rules of moral rectitude. (pp. 134-135).

As we say, humans are not infallible. They will not be the picture-perfect description of these public and private duties. They will fall off the wagon. But, if they fall off the wagon, they must get back on. They should encourage those things that defend Natural Law whether or not they are on board. These laws bind people together. They create community and commonality and purpose. You could look at them as conservative, if you want-but they really are not. They are just in accordance with nature and to go against it is to go against yourself, your children, your community and on out. They don’t exist to cast shame, or guilt or punishment, though they could easily be made to appear that way. Read them through again. Can you see why the elitist, corporatist or power broker may have a problem with them? Who is Satan? Look at them again. Who is doing the exact opposite? There is trouble on the horizon. Consider it as the Founders themselves did.


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