Inflation; Aren’t Those Groceries Costing More?

What Is This Bloody Inflation Crap About?

Updated April 19, 2018, 1:39:00 PM

It’s really one of those sweet mysteries that people like to talk about as if they’re financial geniuses. Milton Friedman associated it with the supply of money, monetary funds. Economist Irving Fisher, in the 30s, tied it to interest rates and claimed that inflation rates somewhat moved with interest rates.

The truth of the matter is there is no truth of the matter. Inflation could come from anywhere. It could even come from industry collusion whereby products very necessary to make other products rise in price and lower in supply, making the business that wants to beat the competition, or,at least, stay in business, pay more and do more to secure supply. Back in 2004-2005, the price of gas climbed and
absolutely everything climbed with it. One thing I can say with just a little trepidation, is the prices never come back down. That is what leads my theory that the big guys control inflation and the big guys are tied across industries, working with one another to make sure prices rise regardless of supply or demand or the interest rate or the demand for more money, or anything else.

Sales holding, jobs losing, prices barely holding

Jobs and more jobs.
Oh boy, does this need explaining. This is like a model of Walmart. It’s the true economic theory of globalism. In the US, the company doesn’t hire or buy much because the cost is great. But, they do need employees to distribute the cheap goods to the biggest purchaser in the world; US citizens. So, sales are great. Meanwhile, back in China, they get what they can for sales, (which probably isn’t much), but they can afford more materials and labor because the costs are astronomically less in China. So, the US corporation gets the best of both worlds, they get to buy really low and sell really high. If anyone noticed, while things started pouring in from China, there were some costs that went down, but then, not by much and climbed to more than they were in the first place. That’s inflation. The US consumer, on the other hand, can’t take advantage of the Chinese market because of laws, shipping, distribution, etc., all rigged in the big guy’s favor. He has his cake and eating it, too. Get the picture? You have been taken advantage of. Very little of the big guy’s advantage has been given back to the consumer. When they spoke of it in the 90s, I knew it was a bad idea. I knew harder times were coming.

Given my bad attitude, it may seem a bit simple and naïve to assert such things, but let me ask this: “what is inflation as related to history?” I think that there’s not much. You see, industries are very different, businesses are all different sizes, services has become more of a factor than tangible goods,
Some things that are in high demand in some places are low in others, making marketers jump the gun to go after something that doesn’t exist. There is no ONE model to inflation. All this doing of tightening credit and raising rates or tying the available assets to what the employment rate is, has not stopped groceries from costing 3 to 4X as much since the 80s, or gas, or home prices, or fossil fuels, or car prices. That is what it is. Inflation doesn’t stop, it keeps coming, and the cost of maintaining a living today is at least 4X what it was back then. You see, the things you NEED to live are always tied to the prices that rise the most. There are an incredible amount of factors that could raise prices. Take water for instance, it takes water to make oil, go fracking, turn on a light, start your car, etc. But these are things that managers don’t think about. So, it seems everyone is always surprised when things that you think aren’t tied to other thing cause prices to rise elsewhere. I’ll tell you what managers do think about; lower costs and higher profits. Well, there is one tangible asset that is treated more like a commodity though it is never defined as one. It’s one that the kingpins think
they still have control of: wages and humans. There are only so many things that can still go lower in price, in fact, not many. This is what “globalism” really is-it’s a method to drive the importance of the humans and wages downward. No? Back in the 80s, your college professors would say things like people making 20k would make 80k in this day and age. Ask your folks if it happened. In fact you were predicted to make gradual increases so that your pay climbed and climbed as you gained more experience.these were all lies. They still are lies. Then they talk about quintiles-Quintiles are lies. Politicians have pulled all the slight of hand they could. It does not seem like we’re buying it much anymore-One of the reasons for the race to the NWO, and the internet, the most incredible communication instrument ever devised, is a huge one. Oh! How the NWO hates that!

But, you want to leave this article with some level of surety. Okay, here’s
another thing about inflation that I think changes very little; The big, big guys
pass the cost onto the distribution outlets. The distribution outlets pass the
costs onto the retail outlets. Who do the retail outlets pass the cost onto?
Finally, who do those people pass the cost onto? There you have it, my
entire theory of inflation. Now, WAKE UP!


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