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There is a campaign; an onslaught; of Communists, somehow flush with cash and in control of the mainstream media. They rear their ugly heads like angry dogs.
If you don’t want your country overrun while she collects bigger and bigger problems; crises after crises-then you are a racist. Makes total sense. But, I’m a conspiracy theorist, so never mind, go about your ways-Here’s what the Commie say;

Fri 3/16/2018 3:38:11 PM

California Appoints Undocumented Immigrant to Statewide Post for First Time Ever

California Pols 'Reprehensible, Says Father of Illegal Immigrant's Victim

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Braham alumna nominated for 'Benedictine Service Award'

Police: Undocumented immigrant kicks pregnant girlfriend, declares he wants baby dead

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Anti-Muslim Extremists Retweeted by Trump Are Convicted of Hate Crimes

Hungarian PM's Chief Of Staff Says Facebook Censored His Anti-Immigrant Video

FIREWORKS: Hannity Goes HEAD TO HEAD with Univision's Jorge Ramos on IMMIGRATION

California v. Jeff Sessions on politics, immigration and the law

Are California's Sanctuary Laws Vulnerable in Court? Yes, Say Legal Experts.

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Brown: Immigration Suit Means 'Going To War' With California

OC Leaders Divided Over Session's Immigration Suit Against CA

Immigrants in Texas commit fewer crimes, new report says

Facebook Removes, Then Restores Anti-Immigrant Video in Hungary

Gov. Brown says federal lawsuit is 'basically going to war again – | San Luis Obispo and …

UPDATE 1-Facebook removes, then restores anti-immigrant video in Hungary

Lawsuit against California mirrors Arizona immigration fight

Immigration activists slam US Justice Department lawsuit

Are crime and immigration connected? Not so, research says

California Rejects Sessions' Nuisance 'Sanctuary' Lawsuit

Monday, March 5, 2018

Nevadans with immigrant ties learn skills to run for office

Trump takes aim at 'CRAZY' mainstream US media after sympathetic radio host claimed the First …

Immigrant accused of murders in Guatemala facing deportation

Police Will Soon Be Required to Respond to Undocumented Crime Victims' Visa Requests

Violent crime in El Salvador has taken a damaging toll on the country's economy

NYT Moves From Bafflement About Sweden's Refugee Crime Problem To the Truth

An immigrant to Israel's perspective on Bibi's woes

Letter: Trump immigration policy threatens human rights

NYT reports Sweden crime problem it criticized Trump for discussing

Community Voices: Current immigration policy leaves immigrant families frightened, terrorized