Hate Crimes and Racism

The MSM would like to tell everyone worldwide how racist white people are. Republicans are definitely racist because they are all old white men. And, only white people can be racist. A video of guys with torches proves it also. I mean, there must’ve been a hundred. That represents the whole country doesn’t it? (That’s if we are stating they are all white supremacists as every single mainstream media came right out with….no proof, no indication of who any of the groups where other than a few dressed up people.) This whole racism bit and the mainstream media together make this issue the biggest lie of this century. It is a fraud being perpetrated to the utmost extremes. It has come with a death count that hasn’t quit, unprecedented black racism all over this country, and black nationalist groups all supported by the media. But, if you want the truth about all this, you won’t get it from the New York Times, or the Washington Post, (same outfits), or the other joint-owned outlets.

When one considers all the sources, you sort of get the picture. Your intuition tells you what’s really going on. Doesn’t it? Like the “hoaxes,” well, they are all hoaxes! Does one really think white nationalist groups are running around college campuses or the local area? NO. But, I’ll tell you what: They all seem to have “Black Student Unions,” don’t they? Hmmm. 1+1=media doesn’t get it. 1+1=media doesn’t have a clue…really?

We’ll help them.

Now, as we can see, first off, opinion, not news, opinion. The opinion now seems to be “Oh, a few hoaxes, doesn’t change things.” A few??? Let us consider the characterizations made by these hoaxes against white people; are they not racist, or are you a one-sided coin? When our MSM wants us to believe their views of this..

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