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Japanese zoo kills 57 monkeys for having invasive alien genes

Philadelphia commuter trains crash head-on, four people injured (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Russian automaker kickstarts sales in Germany

Fighting ISIS with mercenaries is bad idea, says private military expert

Young Iranian chess grandmaster expelled from national team for not wearing hijab

Austria to reward businesses for employing locals

Nazi-era film star Marika Rokk exposed as Soviet spy report

Russia considers introducing tax on cash transactions

EU could demand Britain pay multibillion-euro Brexit bill to leave

US wont quit nuclear deal, but will try to provoke Tehran into it Iran negotiator to RT

Au revoir foie gras? 600k ducks to be slaughtered in France due to bird flu

West must be held accountable for Libya, apologize & leave it alone Gaddafis cousin (EXCLUSIVE)

Heterosexual couple denied civil partnership in possible breach of human rights

FA Cup goalkeepers pie-eating leads to gambling probe

WikiLeaks will not respond to pressure from Ecuadors presidential candidates Assange

Clashes break out in Rome as taxi drivers rally against Uber amendment (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

NASA to reveal new discovery ‘from beyond our solar system’ (POLL)

British Muslim math teacher removed from US-bound flight & dumped in Iceland

Round-the-clock service dying out in Japan amid labor shortage

Theresa May must withdraw desperate Trump state visit invitation, say MPs

Journalists mock far-right editor’s offer of free trip to crime-ridden Swedish city

Montreal votes to become sanctuary city for non-registered migrants

Biggest gasoline glut in 27 years could crash oil markets

EU shows US flag with 51 stars instead of 50 during Pences visit to Brussels

Time running out: 1.4 million children could die from famine in Africa & Yemen, says UNICEF

Police arrest 5 London teens suspected of planning Syria trip