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Israeli govt minister tells EU: Go to a thousand thousand hells

Piercing the atmosphere: Hurricane lightning blasted antimatter at the Earth

#Romanovs100 colorization contest with Marina Amaral well underway (PHOTOS)

Barbarians at the gate? End of democracy? Most hysterical establishment takes on new Italian govt

Israel moves Security Cabinet meetings to secret underground bunker to stop leaks reports

Alien invasion: French territory under siege from giant predatory worms (PHOTOS)

RT gives rare glimpse into luxury N Korean resort turned hotel for intl journalists (PHOTOS)

Watch Russian nuclear sub fire barrage of 4 ballistic missiles in stunning HD (VIDEO)

Skripals may be kept in UK against their will Russian Foreign Ministry

Pictures dont lie? US envoy accepts fake photo with Jerusalem mosque replaced by Jewish temple

Giant Macron effigy with bullet hole in head burned at Paris protest (VIDEO)

Want to live longer? Stay in jail Duterte tells drug suspects

Private jet from Texas splits in half on takeoff in Honduras (PHOTOS VIDEO)

Israeli airstrike hits boat at Gaza port preparing to meet aid flotilla locals

Israeli ambassador says Dutch parody of Eurovision song is anti-Semitic

Fortnite fortune: Video game offers $100mn in prize money

Talks between South & North Korea to resume when US-South drills are over Seoul

Trans brains different from non-trans people MRI study shows

Bloodied protester on Paris street: Anti-Macron protest turns violent (VIDEOS)

Iran Iran Iran: In twitter rant Bibi cheers Pompeos ultimatum to Tehran

Robots growing human organs hold promise for life-saving research

RT arrives in N Korea to witness closure of Punggye-ri nuclear test site (VIDEO)

EU Parliament grills Zuckerberg but Facebook CEO slips away without giving solid answers

Germany wants to extradite Catalonias independence leader Carles Puigdemont

Twitter suffers brief outage across Europe & US