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Spartak defender Bocchetti walking to Italy to fulfill championship-winning promise

Trump urges NATO to focus on terrorism, migration & Russian threat

Increased user privacy will stifle innovation – internet giants

Bitcoin could crash and lose half its value & correction may be imminent analyst

Russia & Iran sign oil-for-goods trade agreement

Trump slams ‘deeply troubling’ US intel leaks, vows investigation

MMA fighter proposes to his girlfriend in the cage after dramatic bout at ACB 61 (VIDEO)

Net migration falls just as study concludes foreign employees do work harder at first

China warns Tokyo to act cautiously amid reports of US-Japan missile defense collaboration

Siberian diocese calls for boycott of Satanic Holi Festival of Colors

Asteroid worth $10,000 quadrillion could transform global economy

#ACityUnited: Manchester football teams jointly donate 1mn to emergency fund

Blowback? Manchester bomber linked to terrorist group which UK allegedly backed

8 arrests are significant to Manchester terrorist attack probe police

Iran says it built 3rd underground ballistic missile factory, vows to increase capabilities

UKIP claims its more important than ever amid tense post-Manchester manifesto launch

Most Britons feel ethnic minorities are threat to Britishness, study reveals

MI5 failed to stop Manchester bomber despite warnings from friends report

Russian public supports measures to limit internet anonymity poll

Latest country joins space race with 3D printed test rocket (VIDEOS)

Denmark & other EU members may soon be forced into the euro

4 ISIS-linked terrorists plotting public transport attacks detained in Moscow FSB

Man v bear: Stomach-churning moment hunter fights for life (VIDEO)

Alibaba to lead $1bn funding for food delivery startup

Oil prices hiccup as OPEC, Russia extend production cuts by nine months

Next pandemic could cost millions of lives, trillions of dollars, World Bank group says