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Artillery, clashes & tents: Bizarre scenes in Kiev amid mass protest outside Ukrainian parliament

No czar for you: Trumps drug control pick abdicates after opioid scandal

Two Chinese citizens charged over fentanyl trafficking

Allah NOT embroidered in Viking burial clothing Islamic Art professor

Russian performance artist who set fire to French bank placed in psychiatric facility source

Felony cop killings up 61% in 2016 FBI report

Are Catalonian nationalists copying Maidan’s propaganda handbook? (VIDEOS)

Sharapova crashes out at 1st round of Kremlin Cup in Moscow

Russian Olympic Committee spends 1bln rubles on teams preparations for Pyeongchang Games

EU says 1mn refugees in Turkey receive cash assistance

Girl, boy or ethnic? Carrefour faces backlash over baby doll ad

Iraqi president calls for urgent dialogue with Kurdistan leadership

No dronesator arrested for obstructing California firefighters

Pro-Palestine posters on Balfour centenary censored by London transport authority

Dow breaches 23,000-mark for the first time led by 5% gain in UnitedHealth

Boris says Labour MPs speaking to RT is a scandal … despite his dad appearing only last month

2 children injured in Afghanistan as US troops allegedly open fire on them

French MEPs shower fully-dressed to draw attention to sanitary plight of Calais migrants (PHOTOS)

Witch hunt & Inquisition: Kaspersky Lab head responds to US spying accusations

Greece finishing clean-up of Athens coast – officials

Anne Frank Halloween costume branded tasteless in online backlash

Foreign takeovers: Does Britain think Chinese companies threaten its national security?

100kg transgender Australian footballer blocked from playing in womens league

Bomb attack on police vehicle in S. Turkey leaves 12 wounded – report

Richard Spencer speech prompts state of emergency declaration in Florida

Headmaster apologizes for gender-neutral toilets that made pupils uncomfortable