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The WSJ for Today

CNN calls RT ‘fake news,’ which is why I tend to trust it.

55yo father beaten by terrorist Jewish Defense League outside AIPAC (VIDEOS)

Trump better stop encouraging EU secession or kiss Texas goodbye, warns Juncker

Time to sound the alarm bells as Mosul plight has escalated to the limit, Moscow says

UN report will compare cost of Israeli occupation with slavery in US

Assads fate to be decided by Syrian people, says Tillerson

Sons of whore journalists: Duterte blasts media & pass Catholic Church

Putin says ‘welcome’ to US business in Russia, offers to work in Arctic jointly

Cameroon footballers ordered to leave Russia after being caught attempting to stay illegally

Putin blasts opposition politicians for using protests as campaign spin

60% of Americans believe MSM reports fake news poll

Sculptor behind bizarre Ronaldo bust revealed

Putin grabs ice pick, carves out shards from glacier in Arctic Russia (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

NATO acting up: Alliance looking for people to portray Russians during war drills

Read my lips: NO Putin says about Russias ‘meddling’ in US elections

Convert to Islam or face murder conviction Pakistani prosecutor reportedly tells Christians


Police waiting 5 months to analyze suspected pedophiles computers report

If US is worlds conscience, why doesnt it see whats happening in Yemen? Moscow

I was always Euroskeptic, claims Cameron despite leading Remain campaign

Mexican attorney general faces drug trafficking charges after San Diego arrest

Russian ruble proves irresistible to emerging market investors, continuing its meteoric rise

Trump was leader in effort to call Brexit, claims Sean Spicer

Islamophobia up after Westminster attack, say police… but Muslims disagree

Some weird sh*t : George W Bush baffled by Trumps inauguration speech

Lloyds of London picks Brussels for its post-Brexit presence in EU

Rights council launches probe into unsanctioned Moscow protests

Bible, not Google gives Israel right to land minister

EU blocks stock exchange mega-merger between Germany and Britain

Robot workers replace blue collar workers, not managers study

Mexican man cleared of raping 17yo girl because he didnt satisfy his sexual appetite

Pound on a rollercoaster as Theresa May invokes Article 50, experts warn more to come

Excessively objectionable app tracking US drone strikes cut from Apple store

Brex-saw puzzled: Irish baffled by UK annexation in Guardians new EU map

Britain can still change its mind & stay, say EU lawmakers

European press split by mockery & worry on Brexit Day

Britain formally triggers Article 50 to leave the EU

Brain power: Paralyzed man uses thoughts to move arm & hands (VIDEO)

Disabled Nigerian asylum seeker dragged around on a chain, treated like a goat

#BrexitDay: the world reacts as Britain invokes Article 50 to leave the EU

Royal Marine who killed unarmed Afghan insurgent may need permanent terror protection

Tesla’s new investor may open the door to China

We are not safe here: Afghan interpreters left behind by US troops cry for help (EXCLUSIVE)

Top Russian senator proposes anti-terrorist committee in OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

Toshibas nuclear unit Westinghouse files for US bankruptcy

Turkey v SUV: Bird smashes through windshield in high-speed collision (PHOTOS)

From kissing salmon to fascist posters: 14 iconic pictures that defined Brexit

China claims discovery of its largest gold mine with $22 billion potential

Act of terrorism: Polish consulate in western Ukraine comes under rocket fire (PHOTOS)

Norways Islamic Council hires face-veiled woman as communications officer, sparking controversy

6.6 quake rocks Russias far eastern Kamchatka Region

Culture change: DNC orders all staff to submit resignations

Russian angels welcome Belgian Red Devils fans with cloud-pillows in Sochi (VIDEO)