Settlers of Early America and Cultural Preservation


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Early Setters migrated from all over Europe.

Diversity is on my mind. The descendants of European settlers in the United States comprise a wonderful diversity of cultures, Christian denominations and regional heritages that should not only be preserved, but celebrated. Of course, the main stock of early Colonial American settlers was from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, supplemented by settlers from France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden,

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The descendants of these settlers developed their own regional cultures that still exist today among the rural people of various corners of the country. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, people of English, German and Scottish ( Lowland, Highland and Ulster- Scots) origin spread out from the coastal areas of the colonies to settle Appalachia and the Midwest

Since the nineteenth century, many people of French and Spanish heritage have been included in the ethnic tapestry of the United States, as the government expanded its borders westward to the Pacific, first through the Louisiana Purchase and later through annexation of Texas and the acquisition of the Southwest and California from Mexico

Early American Indian on Horse from Europe

Americans who descend from Colonial settlers are plenteous in rural areas such as Appalachia, the bayous of Acadiana, the plains of Texas and the deserts of the Southwest, just as the Yankee descendants of English settlers in New England can be found in that region. With modern mobility, different people have left their homelands, planted roots in new regions, intermarried with the people of those regions and enriched those regions with their cultural heritages. The trick is to remember and celebrate one’s origins and to pass what one has been given of those cultures down to one’s children.

A part of remembering one’s heritage is talking to elder family members, recording their words, going to cultural festivals and retaining the values one was raised to cherish. With the advent of online media, there are more distractions out there than ever, but even taking a moment or two to research one’s own cultural origins, one might find something to better suit one’s time than ranting about America’s perennially screwed up politics, or who was wearing what on the last episode of the latest vacuous reality show of one’s choice. One might even find a pretty interesting and relatively old culture to explore.. that of one’s own family.


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