Obama Speech

Obama Legacy

In his famous “race speech,” Obama told us how corporations were getting huge profits, yet many African American men and women were falling by the wayside.

CNN racism

Mainstream Racism By The Mainstream Media

PETITION TO STOP MAINSTREAM MEDIA RACISM CNN is a station with a racist agenda.  They use a constant flow of  black analysts, (alleged), that maintain an opinionated dialog of racism against European Americans.  There happens to be a lot of European Americans, and a lot are being victimized due to the racism practiced daily by […]

Obama Speech

Recounting Obama Rutgers Speech

  The Logikblog Gives Rutgers The True 2016 Commencement Address; (Obama Gave Rutgers Lies, all Lies) listen to the lies: Obama Rutgers Speech First, Obama talks about how better educated today’s kids are than back in his generation. That would be A LIE: I hope that Rutgers students are far wiser than President Obama gives […]


The False Narrative on Immigration

I Challenge You, Robert Reich; Effects Of Immigration Updated, March 19,2017. In light of the 60-minutes shows on H1-Bs, which is all stuff known for several years now, I thought it was time to bring this to light again. The media, the politicians, lobbyists and their corporate captains all knew this was would happen. What […]

Putin World

Media List

This is just the start of it: You need to know the facts because you aren’t getting them.  Our mainstream media is printing a false picture of what is truly going on in this country.  But, the truth is there.  We look for the truth and we’ll give you the REAL story here.  (If you […]

The Return of Master PO Poe!

Now sit right back and you shall see, what Poe has written, it’s for free. I know there’s you out there who love it. The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost I think it was Denzel Washington or Samuel Jackson, or one of those, or both, who said something like “The chickens are coming home […]


Add Your Concerns To Protect MA. Pets

Another great one from the ASPCA. Lobbying for MA. residents to protect animals across the state. You get to fill out without giving your life away. Thank you in advance: https://secure.aspca.org/action/MA-Puppies-Kittens?ms=em_ade_ma-pet-sellers-20160711&initialms=em_ade_ma-pet-sellers-20160711&utm_source=ma-pet-sellers-20160711&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=advocacy&Lf3cRWC%2BoIwSZws4zgp1zcdiaowQPVEPzgp2ist2030GJe8F%2FBqESwb0eUBqhFNgdvcCUDR%2BGrZFPk4%2B7f1c%2BONLeV7%2BKL3jJn6L5mWXoQbvuKRgp%2FxCTHndr3C5JihfbogFy6FKU700PPo3FQrllpYy4ZbuLGmGiZrhmmIYDzPc1HuWDfNG28UMVi9rm2M9aL%2FnPOIbxJBKWgOiA5Psw2%2BDH4A5rJV1VI1M%2B4dEYEo%3D&spMailingID=9182824&spUserID=MTE5NzI0Njc5NjU3S0&spJobID=960837007&spReportId=OTYwODM3MDA3S0

Another Heart Warmer From ASPCA

May 31, 2016 Lovely Little Pomeranian Finding Comfort in a ‘Speedy’ Recovery The Hernandez family of East Harlem, New York, was still dealing with one tragedy when another one nearly fell upon them. In 2014, an infamous gas explosion destroyed their apartment, killing eight-year-old Rosalie Hernandez’s older sister and mother. Six others died in the […]


Editorial : Animal Abuse

What’s Going On With All The News About Animal Abuse Isn’t it about time we tried to approach all this animal abuse stuff? The blog offers all due apologies but, we have tried to get those passionate about this subject to write about it and that offer is still open. Meanwhile, the news of the […]

Be Your Own Web Cop

Naturally, hackers live to disrupt. When they disrupt things the news and views that make the web a much better world than the totalitarian media could ever offer, they threaten all of us and we should erroneously just beat one up for the helluvit. Nevertheless, vigilance is always needed as things always become vulnerable as […]