Mainstream Racism By The Mainstream Media

PETITION TO STOP MAINSTREAM MEDIA RACISM CNN is a station with a racist agenda.  They use a constant flow of  black analysts, (alleged), that maintain an opinionated dialog of racism against European Americans.  There happens to be a lot of European Americans, and a lot are being victimized due to the racism practiced daily by CNN and all their parrots.  They asked scripted questions and give scripted answers and their verdict is ALL white people are guilty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Ask yourself, why would so many claim to want to kill ‘white people’ if their problem is just with white police officers.  Oh wait! can’t say that because just as many have been black or Hispanic.  And yet, it is still ‘white people'(?) they point out as the problem Now, they’re on to white nationalism claims, and yet, the only ones they can prove are all hoaxes.  This station and all its actors are the ones who are guilty.  There is proof there, plenty of proof.  While we still wait for the proof it is ‘white people.’  We ask all authorities not to give in to this liar’s hysteria. Update: CNN has a large audience with its Trump-hate 24/7 approach. This is a racist channel, and no matter what race you are, in the end, it will not work out for you. Be smart, be vigilant. MEDIA IS RACIST MEDIA IS RACIST MEDIA IS RACIST MEDIA IS RACIST MEDIA IS RACIST Update: Changing of the guard. President Obama said he thought race relations were better now.(???????) Race relations will never be better so long as the people who support him stay in power. Hopefully, that will change starting today. PLEASE ENTER A NAME AND EMAIL AND CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON. WE’LL KEEP UPDATING THE COUNT: Count is: Over 244,27! Keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!               TELL YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, COWORKERS, ACQUAINTANCES, MAKE IT VIRAL!!